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Houston assistance programs

Programs and resources that offer help and assistance

  • Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA) – If you are a low or moderate income individual or family living in the Houston Texas or Harris County area, the Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA) is an organization that can provide you with short term help on bills and expenses, and at the same time ensure you have access to longer term support. They are a private, nonprofit organization that is Texas’ largest Community Action Agency. Some of the programs offered by GCCSA include Rental/Mortgage Assistance, Prescription Voucher Program, Head Start and Early Head Start services, Transportation Assistance, including Housing Counseling, Furniture Voucher Program, Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Employment Skills Program and Individual Development Account Program, After School Program, Back to School Program a Community Learning Center Services, and Senior Services. They have 35 locations throughout the county and Houston area. A sampling of the programs offered are below. However, there are others. Contact them to apply or to learn more.
  • Emergency Rental Assistance and Grants – The organization provides emergency payments and grants for people who have received eviction or vacate notices. It is required that the person be facing imminent threat of an eviction.
  • Direct Energy Utilities Program (Neighbor II Neighbor Program)  Utility bill assistance is provided to help clients who are struggling with paying and who are behind on their utility bills. Funding comes from Direct Energy, and a disconnect notice on your utility service is not required to receive aid.
  • Utility Bill Assistance From Reliant Energy Utilities Program (Care Program) Help is is offered to people who are behind on paying their electric and utility bills, and funds are provided from Reliant Energy. Similar to the program mentioned above, a disconnect notice is not required for this program either.
  • Prescription Assistance  A prescription gift cards is provided to families and individuals that can assist them with their prescription medication needs. Find addition ways to get free prescription drugs.
  • Prescription Discount Program  The Gulf Coast Community Services Association provides prescription drug savings and discount cards to families to assist them with paying for their medications, and help them meet their prescription needs. Average savings from the program is over 20%.
  • Foreclosure Prevention Services and Counseling  Extensive housing counseling services are offered to people facing a foreclosure. The typical process will include the creation of forbearance plans and client advocacy are facilitated at the Central Office by a certified mortgage and housing counselor. Locate additional government foreclosure programs.
  • Emergency Mortgage Assistance  Grants and financial assistance are provided by GCCSA, and the funds are used to help clients who are behind on one of their mortgage payments. A default letter is needed in order to qualify.
  • Emergency Utility Bill Assistance  In addition to what is mentioned above, GCCSA also provides emergency energy bill assistance to clients who have received a disconnect notice from their utility or gas company. A disconnect notice is required to qualify for this service.
  • Free Health Care – There are several facilities in the Texas are that provide underinsured and uninsured patents with free health and medical care. Click here to find more information.
  • Q Cards/Bus Passes  A Metro Q-Card can be obtained for transportation assistance. The service is accessible at the various Outreach Sites around Houston and Harris County.
  • Dress for Success  Need a job and are interviewing? You can get professional business attire to help you make a good impression in job interviews.
  • Eyewear Vouchers  The GCCSA community service organization works in partnership with The Gift of Sight Organization. They provide free vouchers that can be redeemed for free eyeglasses and eye wear.

The above are just a sampling of the programs offered by the Harris County community action agency. The main office is at University Business Park, 5000 Gulf Freeway, Building One, Houston, Texas 77023. The phone number is 713 393-4700. Contact them to learn more about these and other assistance programs, or to apply.