About Us

An-Nisa Hope Center is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization working to prevent domestic violence in our community.   We provide the structured support system needed to regain self-sufficiency and a permanent place in society.

An-Nisa opened its doors in 2009 and has handled many serious domestic violence cases; spousal abuse, parental abuse, and spousal and child abandonment.  We have provided successful counseling and support to approximately 600 families in an effort to prevent divorce.  We have assisted many individuals with job placement, housing and other social services. We have provided food, medical care, legal referrals and support to many homeless or distressed families. Our newly opened full service pantry, will serve to supplement families with food, hygiene product and cleaning supplies when needed.

Our Mission

Provide support and resources for families in crisis situations. including domestic violence.

Our Vision

To secure the futures of individuals and families by providing them stability and support.


To prevent and eliminate crisis within families by providing counseling, classes, and any other necessary resources.

Organization Details

    • Domestic Violence Prevention
      • Spousal abuse, parental abuse, and spousal and child abandonment
    • Social Services
      • Job placement, housing and other social services
      • Food, medical care, and legal referrals to support many homeless or distressed families
    • Counseling
      • Counseling and support to approximately 600 families in an effort to prevent divorce - educate and counsel families to prevent separation through one-on-one counseling and support groups.
    • (NEW) Food Pantry
      • Full service food pantry located in North Houston
  • For the remainder of 2014, An-Nisa will focus on its current services (as listed above). It will also begin to plan for 2015, as detailed below. In 2014, An-Nisa will also focus on expanding its marketing by increasing awareness of the organization. This increased awareness will be accomplished through various conferences, local events, a new website, and multi-media/video creation. 2014 has also brought the introduction of a Food Pantry that offers basic essentials (including food items, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products) to families in need. Efforts are being made to expand the food pantry to serve more families as donations and exposure increase for the organization. In 2014 and through 2015, efforts will be made to develop and initiate vocational training as a key initiative in expanding its social service offering.

    • Vacational Training
      • Vocational training to help individuals to continue to provide and sustain the needs of their families.
    • Addiction Support
      • Counseling, support, and reading material for individuals suffering from an addiction that is adversely affecting their lives.
    • Additional Food Pantry Locations
      • Future pantry locations based on the success of the current location.